So, who took the biscuit? THE GREAT CHRISTMAS BAKE OFF

So what type of biscuits should we make? How should they be decorated? What flavour are they?…and so the questions continued.

We decided to have our own mini Bake Off between the mark-makers to decide the answer to these and many more questions, like, ‘Do real men wear pinnys?’

Overnight Kasia, David, Nic, Mike, Lisa, Steve, Shannon and both the Russ’s baked until they could bake no more. The next morning we had 10 different varieties of biscuits from, David‘s Christmas Rusks to Mike’s Milk Chocolate Shortbreads. We even had Christmas tree biscuit lollies which were enough for two people.

The clear winner for creativity, impact and Christmas crunch were the star and heart glittery biscuits produced by Nic. Using Delia’s gingerbread mix, edible gold and silver spray with decorative icing these biscuits were everyone’s favourite.

All the biscuits were amazing and the next few days were great as we had a whole variety of tasty treats to go with our tea.

Oh, and the answer to the question, ‘Do real men wear pinnys?’