Meeting #2 With Adventure Plus - Catching On With Keywords ADVENTURE PLUS

Yesterday marked our second meeting with Adventure Plus, the charity with a spirit for adventure and a passion for physical activity. Continuing on from our first meeting where we helped Adventure Plus get their heads around the initial process of keyword research, we took the action to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Excel.

Sure, Excel spreadsheets, filters, and hundreds of keywords may not sound like the most glamorous way to spend a morning, but it is absolutely crucial if Adventure Plus are going to make best use of the Google Grant that has been awarded them. By compiling a shortlist of potentially valuable keywords and grouping them together by subject or theme we can make the job of creating campaigns and ad groups go as smoothly as possible.

All of this is in preparation to getting the campaigns up and running next week, and we are very excited to see how many new people Adventure Plus can reach!

And if you want to get involved, why not check out the Witney to Westminster Challenge happening on the 9th of May? Have fun and support a great cause at the same time - what more could you want?