Google Grant Guidance for Adventure Plus ADVENTURE PLUS

Adventure Plus is a charity that combines adventure and education in order to instill positive values in young people, inspiring them and building their confidence to assist in other aspects of their lives. They are fortunate enough to be aided in their mission by a Google Grant, Google’s charitable program where nonprofit organizations are eligible for free AdWords advertising, allowing them “to promote their missions and initiatives on”

While Google is continually striving to make AdWords as approachable and easy to understand as possible, it still remains complicated to the inexperienced. Even when you have gotten to grips with it, it takes time and expertise to get the most out of your money as possible, particularly when Google grade each keyword you are advertising on with a Quality Score.

At mark-making* we are working to help Adventure Plus through this process, giving them the knowledge and skills needed to help them reach as many people as possible by advertising on Google.

Learn more:

  • Google Grants - Learn more about Google Grants from Google’s own programme details.
  • Adventure Plus - Visit Adventure Plus’s website to find out what they do and how you can get involved.