What Difference Can a Pledge Make? STORIES

'Our biscuits'
Mr B
  • Mr B aged nearly 96.
  • Widower.
  • Visually impaired.
  • A bit wobbly on his legs-needs a stick.
  • Getting frail and easily tired.
  • Does his own washing and ironing.
  • Definitely in possession of all his marbles!
  • Children living too far away to help on a daily basis.
  • Wants to live in his own home for as long as possible.
  • Fiercely independent.

How does he manage to keep his pride and his independence?


A volunteer driver and his wife PLEDGE their time to take him to the Surgery for his regular Warfarin check and to collect his ever growing collection of pills and potions.

Volunteers from Twyford House (a local charity) PLEDGE their time to collect him and provide him with an affordable 3 course meal five days a week..

Other drivers PLEDGE their time to take him shopping to Waitrose and carry his shopping indoors.

Thank you to all these very special people who PLEDGE a little of their own time to make it possible for OUR DAD to spend the last years of his life living the independent life he deserves.

Without their PLEDGES this would not be possible.

That’s what difference a PLEDGE makes.