Izzy helps the pupils at St Catharine’s to find Santa and his friends raising £30 for the PAG. STORIES

'Our biscuits'
A carefully crafted letter to Uncle Graham (and sweet shop owner) meant Izzy had two boxes of sweets donated to use on her stall.

At this year’s annual Christmas Fair, Izzy designed and ran her own fundraising stall for her school in Chipping Campden.

Izzy put her drawing skills to the test drawing a map of Lapland with 20 possible hiding places for Santa, his Elf and Rudolf. From Elf High to the Tennis Shack there were lots of fun places they could be.

The aim of the game was simple. 50p gave you the chance of finding either Santa, his Elf or Rudolf and for every go you received a mini bag of sweets, with the three winners receiving an extra gift.

The highlight of the day was when Izzy announced to the crowds that Miss Holbrook, teacher of Class 3 had won by finding Rudolf in the Veg Patch.

Great work Izzy