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Each year at Christmas we try and do something a little different that not only showcases our creativity, but also gives something back in the process. In 2013, inspired by an annual event run by our two incredible cleaning ladies (see The Great Christmas Bake Off), we came to the conclusion that the most valuable thing we can give is our time and that our Christmas piece should have that concept at its heart.

Fuelled by the sentiment that giving should ‘not just be for Christmas’ the idea evolved to become a year long initiative, that we’ve called PROJECT:PLEDGE.

We’re saying a year, but it doesn’t have to be. Whilst all about time, there’s no reason why PROJECT:PLEDGE should be bound by it. We see this as a journey with no set destination. Our initial commitment as a team will be to donate our time, energy and creative expertise to support five causes throughout 2013, where we believe it will make a difference.

Our vision is for others to be inspired to do the same, and give their time, in whatever way, to help causes they believe in.

This is PROJECT:PLEDGE. Making time to make a difference.

We hope you’ll get involved.