The finishing touches

Who’d have thought the CO-OP supermarket could be so inspiring? I nipped in to get some light brown sugar as Sainsbury’s didn’t have any (The CO-OP isn’t my normal Supermarket of choice. Too far to walk), when I happen to come across the Dr. Oetker range of cake decorating. A little tingle of excitement came over me as I saw the potential for my biscuits. Ooh how the edible silver spray will hide a multitude of overcooked biscuit sins and look at the lovely colours of icing. The main consideration for the decoration was to have a design that not only looked good but could easily be implemented to over 1,000 biscuits by different people, hence the simple yet I like to think, Sophisticated end result.

In and around the day job we have spent a busy few days decorating and packing biscuits resulting in some rather large queues at the Post Office.. sorry about that!

Exceedingly good Christmas biscuits


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