Inspirational cleaners

It’s fair to say our cleaners Spic & Span (aka Doreen Wilson and Sorrell Wilson – no relation), are not your average cleaners. Sure they clean like the best of them and we employ them on that basis, but they also happen to posses the depth of creative thinking and ability that would see them in good stead were they looking for design roles at mark-making*.

Here’s a good example. Doreen and Sorrel realised that for various reasons, many of the elderly people in their village of Chadlington didn’t get a Christmas dinner or have anyone to spend Christmas with. So, being the kind-hearted and ‘ideas’ girls they are, took it upon themselves to organise one for them and roped in enough volunteers to transport, cook, entertain and generally bring a little Christmas cheer to nearly 80 people. Everyone involved gave freely of their time and as a result many old friends were reunited and the community came together to make it all happen.

As this incredible gesture of goodwill was part of the inspiration for PROJECT:PLEDGE, not to mention a fitting moniker, we could think of no more appropriate a way to kick-off the initiative than by getting involved with the Christmas dinner. Our contribution? Well, we’ve rolled up our sleeves, donned our pinnys and baked and decorated some designer cookies to round off the feast and send everybody home with a goody bag to go under their tree.

We also wanted to give our clients a taste of things to come as well, so to launch PROJECT:PLEDGE we’ve baked and hand decorated extra biscuits that will be sent out to them.

Last year's dinner