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PROJECT:PLEDGE is bigger than mark-making*. Much, much bigger we hope. Our vision is for others to be inspired in the way we have, and to make time to make a difference. Here’s where we will be sharing the stories of other people prepared to give up something more valuable than money. If you have a story to tell, drop us a line at


An Illustration of the Power of Community Spirit

The Lido auction with Ken Norman and Jeremy Clarkson

The Lido is an open air swimming pool with a history that shows real community spirit. In 1963, local people in Chipping Norton began a fundraising campaign to a build a swimming pool. Seven years and £20,000 later, The Lido was born, and it’s described as an oasis in the heart of the Cotswolds, with… Read more »

What Difference Can a Pledge Make?

Mr B and Joe laughing

Mr B aged nearly 96 Widower Visually impaired A bit wobbly on his legs-needs a stick Getting frail and easily tired Does his own washing and ironing Definitely in possession of all his marbles!!!! Children living too far away to help on a daily basis Wants to live in his own home for as long… Read more »

A Nursery Visit to Nurture Great Ambitions


A few weeks ago I visited my son Joe’s nursery to talk to the children about my job. He is three and I am a Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. I wasn’t entirely sure how to set out my pitch, but at work I often find that props help the children to understand… Read more »

The votes are in, time for the results.


PROJECT:PLEDGE is about making time to make a difference. As part of some teaser activity ahead of launching the website we posed these three questions; A) Which is more important to you, time or money? B) Do you feel you have skills that can help others? C) Would helping others make you happy? In answer… Read more »

Izzy helps the pupils at St Catharine’s to find Santa and his friends raising £30 for the PAG.


At this year’s annual Christmas Fair, Izzy designed and ran her own fundraising stall for her school in Chipping Campden. Izzy put her drawing skills to the test drawing a map of Lapland with 20 possible hiding places for Santa, his Elf and Rudolf. From Elf High to the Tennis Shack there were lots of… Read more »

Fundraising for The SMA Trust


Duke of Edinburgh student Anna and volunteer Ellie were selling Christmas cards, wrist bands and Wordinoes to raise funds for research into SMA at St. Catharine’s Primary School’s Christmas Fair. They raised over £50 during the afternoon. Vanessa, who organised the stand said They were a great team, and we are very grateful for all… Read more »